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For those that need additional help

No two individuals have the same needs – Some might require more hands-on or specialist care.

PBM Care are proud to provide specialist elderly care in Lytham and the outlying area, catering to the particular needs of your loved ones. Our working relationships with highly-experienced and qualified freelance carers means we can pair our clients with providers of specialist care services.

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About Our Specialist Care in Lytham

Our robust services means that we can get to know the unique needs of your loved one, allowing us to pair them with an appropriately-qualified carer. Our scope as a specialist care agency in Lytham includes:

Stoma care



After-hospital care

In accordance with our core beliefs and understanding of the needs of care recipients, we will endeavour to pair the client with a up to three dedicated caregivers (With the exception of covering for absences or illnesses).

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PBM Care are an introductory care agency in Lytham – We coordinate and oversee the efforts of freelance caregivers.

Help us spread the word! We are offering £50 per client referral – Please get in touch at enquiries@pbmcare.co.uk.

Currently awaiting full CQC approval – We are offering companionship services in the interim.

Have any questions or concerns? Please reach out to us at enquiries@pbmcare.co.uk or call us at 07421 786300.