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Relaxation, serenity and aromatic bliss

In accordance with the PBM Care's dedication to preventative care, we are strong advocates for aromatherapy.

As experienced providers of holistic care and specialist practitioners of aromatherapy, we are able to seamlessly incorporate aromatherapy into an existing caregiving routine. 

Looking to integrate this specialist procedure into a caregiving routine? Reach out to us via the form below.

 essential oils surrounded by medicinal flowers for aromatherapy



About Aromatherapy in Lytham

When properly used as a complementary therapy in addition to home or domiciliary care, aromatherapy can have a plethora of benefits that go beyond relaxation or stress relief. These can include:

Pain relief (Peppermint and eucalyptus)

Sleep (Lavendar)

 Enhanced mood and wellbeing (Orange, lemon and bergamot)

Improved cognitive function (Rosemary)

We can administer this using scented lotions or candles, diffusers or direct essential oils. Should you deem or we advise that this would be appropriate for your loved one during our initial interview process, we will endeavour to pair them with a maximum of 3 caregivers experienced in aromatherapy.

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