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A gentle healing touch

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a simple yet transformative preventative treatment, particularly when it is incorporated into a wider caregiving routine.

By stimulating the flow of lymph fluid using gentle hand movements, lymphatic blockages are removed and excess lymph fluid is trained, resulting in reduced swelling and overall improved wellbeing.

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 a leg wrapped up in prep for a MLD massage



About MLD massages in Lytham

The PBM Care team includes specialist lymphedema therapists, with years of experience in MLD. This specialist massage technique has been shown to aid in:

Reducing swelling caused by lymphedema, lipoedema, post-surgery recovery, cancer recovery; and other major health issues such as sinusitis and arthritis, and minor health issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and scleroderma. 

Assisting recovery from acute or repeat injuries

 Detoxifying the body

Helping the body build lymphocyte white blood cells, combatting a range of health complications

Lowering the risk of infection overall

Improving immune system function

 Pain relief for conditions such as lymphedema or inflammation

 Relaxation or stress reduction

As experienced providers of MLD massages in Lytham, we will tailor the treatment to address the specific needs or limitations or your loved one.



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