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What sets us apart and why we do it

PBM Care is not a typical care agency in Lytham.

We don't directly recruit our carers, but instead coordinate and provide oversight for freelance care providers throughout the Lytham area. Our services are designed to provide a healthy balance of recovery, prevention, preservation and healing.

If you or your loved one have decided that additional support is necessary for life to be lived to its fullest, then you deserve nothing but the best. PBM is proud to provide that. Click here to get started.

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Qualified and experience home care in Lytham

As a bespoke care agency in Lytham, we offer our clients a full range of services tailored to their needs, preferences and abilities. Our services include:


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Home Care 

A balance between qualified help, company and independence. Your loved one will receive as much or as little help as they need in the comfort of their own home, from frequent check-ins and hands-on assistance to a few weekly companionship visits.

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Specialist Care 

The calibre of freelance carers we work with allows us to provide specialist services. This includes post-discharge care after a visit to the hospital, caring for your loved when they are particularly vulnerable.

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Live-In Care 

Personalised full-time care for those who need it the most, without the stress and disturbance associated with moving into a care home. Nothing short of a transformative change and quality of life upgrade.




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Companionship Care 

Time with a dedicated companion who understand your loved one's preferences and has been handpicked to suit their personality and interests. The help they provide varies from assistance with household chores to simple conversation.


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Health Care 

Enhanced care services for those with new or existing conditions, provided alongside standard home care in Blackpool. Supporting the independence of the loved one and giving them the specialist help they need where they feel most comfortable.




 Whatever package you choose, we understand that every minute of care matters. That's why our carers will endeavour to stay with the client for the entirety of their allocated time.



Preventative and Destressing Treatments

PBM Care believes that holistic treatments can be the missing piece in elderly care. In helping seniors live healthier, happier and stress-free lives, we can prevent certain conditions from ever arising. Our holistic care treatments can be administered as part of a care plan upon request, and includes:


a bandaged leg in preparation for MLD


Manual Lymphatic Draining is little more than a gentle massage to promote the movement of lymph fluid, with a range of knock-on benefits for seniors. Whether it is used to treat existing lymphatic issues or as a simple preventative measure, MLD translates to an improved quality of life.

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Stress can have significant mental and physical effects on the elderly, from insomnia to immune system issues. Aromatherapy is a proven method of reducing stress in general, and the use of particular oils and extracts can have a range of beneficial effects in seniors. 

a lymphedema massage to help drain the lymphatic muscles

Lymphedema Training 

As part of our dedication to improving the quality of our caregivers and the standards of care we provide; we endeavour to train each carer in how to treat lymphedema.



Have any questions about each one of these packages? Let us know at enquiries@pbmcare.co.uk or call us at 07421 786300.





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Quality Control Measures

PBM Care are particularly dedicated to quality control, both during the initial interview process and during the implementation of a plan for home care in Lytham.

As part of the PBM Care Model, the care itself is administered by a freelance carer – PBM Care's role is to provide oversight and make sure that the best possible care is being provided. Some of the measures we take as part of our quality control policy include:

  • Check-ins every 10 hours from our quality commission staff and quality control officer
  • Physical bi-weekly checks with the client to make sure they are happy and their needs are being seen to
  • Logbooks to ensure there is a physical log for each hour of caregiving
  • Body cameras for our staff

How else do PBM Care go above and beyond the call?

  • Employing a language interpreter, allowing us to provide life-transforming personal care to a multicultural client base and allowing us to be a truly inclusive care agency in Lytham.
  • Supporting our client's families by helping them source the most cost-effective amenities on the market, making life a little more rewarding and a little less costly.
  • Organising community meetups and events. Click here to find out more.



 The PBM Continuity Promise

The research shows that seniors prefer personalised from a small pool of caregivers, and this aligns with countless anecdotes we've seen and heard from our time in the care industry.

That's why PBM Care does its utmost to stick to a 3-to-1 policy. Time and time again, we have seen a more personalised and ‘human' approach to care blossom into a friendship between caregiver and care recipient.

Not only do the caregivers come to know the likes, dislikes and quirks of their client, but this prevents the chance of illness and cross-contamination in today's post-Covid world.




PBM Care are an introductory care agency in Lytham – We coordinate and oversee the efforts of freelance caregivers.

Help us spread the word! We are offering £50 per client referral – Please get in touch at enquiries@pbmcare.co.uk.

Currently awaiting full CQC approval – We are offering companionship services in the interim.

Have any questions or concerns? Please reach out to us at enquiries@pbmcare.co.uk or call us at 07421 786300.