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Supporting our subcontractors,
customers and community

PBM Care stand out not just as a premier care agency in Lytham, but a dedicated Lytham community interest company.

As part of our approach to see our clients as people first, elderly people second, we go the extra mile to help them live active, healthy and fulfilling lives outside the boundaries of standard care.



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How we above and beyond the call for our clients

PBM Care pays £1.00 for each hour spent in our care towards a shared community fund, in a system we call UP Points. For example, 30 hours of care from one of the PBM team would accumulate £30 worth of UP points. These can then be ‘spent' on local services, amenities and treatments to improve the client's quality of life.?



Bringing benefits to you, your friends and family

  • Are they looking to take up a new hobby? Our links as a Lytham community interest company means we can recommend activities the client will enjoy and can save their UP Points towards.
  • Do they need time away? UP Points allow the client to treat themselves to day trips, weekend breaks or even complete getaways.
  • Is the client looking to get more active? UP Points can be put towards sports activities, gym memberships or similar.
  • Does the client need a helping hand? We can happily refer to the client counsellors, therapists or similar, and use their UP Points to secure the best we can find.

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We give back to you for giving to us

  • Each client's dedicated carers can help them pick the activity, therapy or service they are considering, based on their own intimate knowledge of the client from the time spent with them.
  • Our private end-of-life and senior clients can opt out of the UP Points scheme if they choose, in exchange for a monthly discount on their monthly care package. Alternatively, UP Points can be spent to look after their family and friends
  • Clients are more than welcome to donate to the UP Points scheme if they so choose. Any money donated will go towards helping other customers and supporting their community.
  • The monetary value of each UP Point will increase over time as PBM Care continues to grow and develop, meaning that each hour of care will go further. We are also hoping to secure lottery funding in the near future.



In short, we are a care agency in Lytham who look after our clients in body, mind and spirit. If you're looking for the best care for your loved ones then look no further – Get in touch with us today.




The PBM Give-Back Fund

PBM Care only take a small commission from each care package – The majority goes to the carer and a small amount goes to a central give-back fund.

This not only allows us to offer health and beauty treatments as a supplementary service, but is used to give back to our clients with a range of additional activities. These include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Community days and meet-ups for friends and family of our clients
  • Additional care systems
  • Mental health services for clients and workers



Health and Beauty Treatments

Both our clients and our carers have access to a range of holistic health and beauty treatments, keeping them looking and feeling their best around the clock.

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PBM Care are an introductory care agency in Lytham – We coordinate and oversee the efforts of freelance caregivers.

Help us spread the word! We are offering £50 per client referral – Please get in touch at enquiries@pbmcare.co.uk.

Currently awaiting full CQC approval – We are offering companionship services in the interim.

Have any questions or concerns? Please reach out to us at enquiries@pbmcare.co.uk or call us at 07421 786300.