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Giving back to our workers and supporting our clients

PBM Care go above and beyond the call of a care agency in Lytham by providing a variety of holistic health and beauty treatments to our clients, workers and their families.

Everybody needs some dedicated pampering time, and caregivers and care recipients are no exception. These treatments have been hand-picked to promote relaxation, natural beauty and/or general wellbeing, and are carried out by qualified holistic therapists.


Each of these therapies can be carried out as a one-off treatment, or organised into a continuous holistic health and beauty program. In either case, PBM Care will endeavour to provide treatments from the same carer who understands their particular needs and preferences.

They are available to the general public, but PBM Care's workers receive them at a discounted rate.

It's just another way that PBM Care look out for our clients and give back to our workers.

We are always on the look out for trained and qualified holistic therapists.

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Holistic Therapies

a man getting a sport massage 

Sports Massage 

Sports massages are a timeless way of treating injuries (Be they overuse injuries or acute), chronic pain and general stiffness. Gentle kneads and strokes are used to encourage muscular and connective tissue healing, speeding up the recovery process.

30 minutes (Back and neck) - £25

1 hour (Back, neck and shoulders) - £45

a lady enjoying a hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

Looking for next-level relaxation? A hot stone massage involves heating basalt stones and moving these around the body. The gentle heat encourages muscles and connective tissue to relax, and the slight pressure target knots and tensions.

30 minutes (Back and neck) - £25

1 hour (Back, neck and shoulders) - £45

a lady having a hopi ear candling proceedure

Hopi Ear Candling

Feeling a little bunged up? This treatment involves a gentle non-invasive ear candling, followed by a complete head massage to clear blockages, drain your lymphatic system and encourage relaxation.

1 hour - £45



a lady and man laid on their back having an Indian massage

Indian Massage

Ready to feel like a new you? An Indian massage targets acupressure points on the head, neck and shoulders to release tension and promote overall wellbeing. Benefits include reliable headache relief, improved circulation and improved sleep.

1 hour - £45

a lady enjoying a lymphatic massage

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is the body's way of flushing toxins and excess fluids, yet this can become blocked over time. A lymphatic massage stimulates the circulation of lymph fluid in the body, helping you to naturally detoxify, improve your immune system functionality and reduce stress.

1 hour - £60



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Combination Therapies

a lady having a reflexology and reiki session 

Reflexology and Reiki

This stress-busting treatment involves your choice of a facial or foot reflexology treatment to relax and restore the body, followed by a reiki healing session to do the same to your mind.

90 minutes - £60

a woman having a face reflexology session

Face and Foot Reflexology

A complete top-to-toe package, leaving you feeling like a new you. Expect intense relaxation, improved energy flow throughout the body and a feeling of being balanced.

90 minutes - £60

a person having a foot reflexology massage

Indian Massage and Foot Reflexology

This holistic massage therapy in Lytham covers all bases by tackling your neck, back and shoulders with a full Indian massage, before completing the session with foot reflexology.

90 minutes - £65



a lady having a face lifting session

Facial Reflexology with Facial Lifting Massage

Feel and look like a new you with this special combination treatment. Your holistic therapist will apply gentle pressure and massage techniques to specific points on the face, before gently kneading and tapping key muscles to reduce tension and stimulate circulation.

1 hour - £45

30 minutes - £25

aromatherapy candles and dissusers next to a plump pillow

Aromatherapy and Indian
Head Massage

These two holistic treatments are a perfect fit for one another. The use of essential oils enhances the natural relaxing effects of the Indian massage, removing additional tension and improving your mood.

30 minutes - £25

60 minutes - £45

a woman having a reiki session

Reiki Therapy

A reiki session involves sharing universal energy between the practitioner and recipient, rebalancing chakras to promote deep relaxation, inner peace and a general sense of wellbeing.

1 hour - £45



a woman having two ice rollers rolled over her eyebrows

Ice Rolling

This special skincare techniques involves massaging the face with a stainless-steel ice roller, giving the recipients all the benefits of cold exposure therapy in a localised area.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced puffiness
  • Calming irritated, inflamed or reddened skin
  • Improving circulation
  • Aiding the lymphatic system
  • Tightening and shrinking pores

30 minutes - £25

a man putting an hyaluronic acid mask on his face

Hyaluronic Acid Mask and
Ice Roller Facial

This treatment gives the best of both worlds – The moisture replenishment and skin plumping of a hyaluronic acid mask, followed by the skin soothing and refreshing effect of an acid roller facial.

30 minutes - £20

a lady having a face massage in preparation for an ice rolling session

Head Massage with Cold Rollers

Experience all the relaxation of a gentle head massage with the soothing and tension relief of a cold roller with this combination treatment.

15 minutes - £15




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a person having waxing wax spread across their leg with a wooden implement


Waxing offers long-lasting results when compared to shaving or creams, leaving your skin looking and feeling velvety-smooth.


  •  Full leg wax - £30
  • ½ leg wax - £20
  • ¾ leg wax - £25
  • Back wax - £25
  • Underarm wax - £15
  • Back and chest wax - £25
  • Bikini wax (basic) - £20

  • Bikini wax (Hollywood) - £30
  • Bikini wax (Brazilian) - £25
  • Lip wax - £7
  • Chin wax - £7
  • Lip and chin wax - £12
  • Eyebrow wax - £7

a person having their nails painted after a manicure

Other Treatments

Have a look at the other miscellaneous treatments we can provide to you. 


  • Pedicure - £25
  • Pedicure with gel - £35
  • Foot care pedicure - £30
  • Manicure - £20
  • Manicure with gel - £35


These treatments are also available to the general public – To register your interest, please let us know via

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 people bringing their hands together in a stack signifying community

The PBM Program

These treatments are primarily offered to our clients and workers as a way to improve their quality of life and to say thank you for all the hard work they do for our care agency in Lytham, respectively.

For more information about this dedicated program that truly sets us apart, click here.

Our Community Programme


PBM Care are an introductory care agency in Lytham – We coordinate and oversee the efforts of freelance caregivers.

Help us spread the word! We are offering £50 per client referral – Please get in touch at

Currently awaiting full CQC approval – We are offering companionship services in the interim.

Have any questions or concerns? Please reach out to us at or call us at 07421 786300.